EnvironmentalPortrait_041016ml_0278_ps2  My sister loves that for all my projects I can take pictures of her. She was cooperative and put on her dance stuff for this shoot. I love her hair.


Playing the Quads

EnvironmentalPortrait_040816ml_0176_ps  This is my other best friend, Ian, who I caught after practice. He marches in the drumline and plays the quads. I’m not sure why they call this instrument the quads because there are five drums though.

Pit Dad

EnvironmentalPortrait_040816ml_0094_ps.jpg  In Drumline you can be in pit (also known as the front ensemble) or battery. This is Aaron, and he’s our pit dad. At first I think it freaked him out that we called him that, but now he likes it. Aaron went and marched with drumcorps playing the marimba, which is what he’s playing in the picture.