Spinning and Spinning

Candids_042616_ml_3760_ps  With his great big smile Jorge Martinez spins around at Klyde Warren Park’s playground on Tuesday. His mom was so helpful and spun him around, as she spun his smile grew. “Are you having fun?” His mom said.


Klyde Warren Baby

Candids_042616_ml_2948_ps.jpg  Sitting in the middle of the water Jake Smith splashes around in Klyde Warren Park on Tuesday with his mom near by. Jake sat for a long time and enjoyed his time in the puddle. “Mommy, can we stay?” Jake said.


Candids_042616_ml_2931_ps.jpg  Freshmen Ariana Mata, Leyla Davidola and sophomores Gabby Tapia and Marcy Umana run through the water at Klyde Warren Park on Tuesday on a field trip with photojournalism. The girls laughed so much when they ran around the park, almost like they were little kids again.


Candids_042616_ml_2805_ps.jpg  Elementary schooler Maria Gutierrez is playing at Klyde Warren Park with her school on Tuesday. Maria climbed as high as she could and had a blast. “I love to play,” Gutierrez said. “It makes me happy.”